campaign strategies

Finding a new job in today’s economy can be difficult.  GOA partners are experienced in helping clients put their best foot forward so that they will have the best chance possible in securing their next job.

GOA partner individualized campaign strategies

GOA partners provide the individualized strategies that are often the key to success.  Clients are not simply told where to look on Internet job boards or taught how to use shotgun techniques for sending out hundreds of resumes at once.

Instead, GOA partners use self-assessments, individual consulting, and other methods to help clients define and refine their career goals.  These assessments are a critical part of defining the goals for an acceptable job.

refined networking

A second critical step offered by GOA partners is refined networking.  Refined networking does not consist of attending local networking events or trying to develop hundreds of friends or connections on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Instead, refined networking includes a considered, targeted strategy for connecting with those who have influence in the job search process.  It also includes the how of networking – how should these people be approached, and how should assistance be requested?

using social media effectively

Social media (particularly LinkedIn) can play an important part in networking, but only if done correctly.  GOA partners work with clients to determine whether social media should be used, and if it should be used, how to use social media correctly.

campaign strategies for individuals will vary

GOA partners recognize that individuals necessarily have unique talents, backgrounds, and experiences, and thus a custom strategy will be required in order to have the best possibility for achieving success.  Call us to find out more about how GOA partners work to help clients move forward in their careers.