career alternatives, entrepreneurial opportunities and consulting options

An unexpected job loss may turn into a blessing in disguise, particularly for those who may have secretly harbored a desire to move into another career or to become an entrepreneur.  Through detailed interviews and consulting, GOA partner professionals are trained to fully understand candidate career desires (often even better than the candidates themselves understand).

It may be the way that a person speaks when asked about starting their own business or their answers to questions like “what would you do if you had to choose a new career?”  Based upon the answers given, it may be appropriate to discuss a career change.

entrepreneurial opportunities

Many people have always wanted to own their own business.  While starting any business is usually risky, for many people having their own business offers benefits and fulfillment that cannot be matched in most employment situations.

GOA partners can explore entrepreneurial opportunities with those wanting to start their own business.  While our partners don’t assist in business plan development, they can ask key questions to help clients determine if entrepreneurial opportunities may be right for them. 

what about consulting?

In some industries, full-time hiring may be down, but there may desirable options for senior employees to serve companies through consulting opportunities.  In many situations, consulting opportunities may turn into long-term work through ongoing and new project opportunities.

GOA partner companies are well-versed at helping individuals identify consulting opportunities, particularly in recessionary markets. To find out more about how we help clients, please email us at or fill out a contact request form..