career and self-assessment

When a person suddenly is out of a job, it’s often a good time to take a moment to reassess career goals before immediately jumping back into the job market.  This is the case even for individuals who believe that they know exactly what they want to do.

There are a number of key assessment tools that GOA partners use to help clients identify aspects that might be inherent in their ideal job.  GOA partners often use assessment tests to help clients identify their true preferences, personality type, and desires.

other assessment indicators

While assessment tests provide valuable information, they are only one aspect of the assessment process.  Another key component concerns individual skills assessment.  Skills assessment includes the following:

Hard skills – such as technical skills that are critical (or a requirement of) many jobs.  Engineering and accounting are examples of “hard skills.”

Soft Skills – these skills are less quantifiable, and could include skills such as the ability organize projects or effectively lead a team.

Individual accomplishments – what successes can be identified and promoted?

Transferable skills – what skills does a person have that can be utilized by another company?

Industry Assessment – what industries or companies would be an ideal fit?

the complete assessment – putting it all together

GOA partners are adept at helping clients through the process of combining the information from self-assessment tests and other assessment indicators so that a career course can be determined, and so that a “going forward” strategy can be developed.

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