compensation package negotiation

Compensation package negotiation can be a sensitive part of any job negotiation.  Asking too much may lead to being excluded from consideration.  Asking too little can lead to long-term underpayment, particularly as compensation for a particular year is heavily dependent upon compensation for the previous year.

developing the strategies for an optimal compensation strategy

GOA partners are well-versed in developing optimal compensation strategies.  While in many cases the “top-line” number (the annual salary) is the key focus, often there are other important aspects that should be considered, such as knowing:

  • How frequently employees are reviewed
  • What an expected career course at the company is likely to involve
  • How long the previous person served in the position being considered, and if such person is still at the company (and if so, the position they currently hold)

we view compensation packages as career packages

The ultimate goal for most individuals is to secure the right job for them, and a position that will allow for future career advancement.  A higher starting salary may not be beneficial if the opportunities for advancement and career development are low.

GOA partners help clients understand the full scope of compensation and career packages.  It’s important that clients consider and understand where a job fits in with their career development, not to consider only the compensation package.