individual consulting and counseling – the hallmark of GOA services

A key difference between GOA partners and other companies is the commitment of our partners to providing “white glove” individual consulting and counseling.  Regardless of whether a person is in the midst of career transition through an involuntary reduction in force or the person wants to advance his or her career, our partners provide each client with individualized consulting and strategies to help them in their mission to advance their careers.

listening – a key to effective consulting and counseling

GOA partners are adept at honing in on the underlying career desires and ambitions of clients.   In a reduction in force or termination event, a manager might initially express interest in finding a management position similar to their former position, but during the course of a consultation with a GOA partner, it may become apparent that the manager’s true desire is for another career path, perhaps as a teacher or entrepreneur.

GOA partners do not automatically assume that clients are looking for the same type of job that they are leaving.   Instead, they focus on helping clients understand their desired career path.  Once this is understood, a strategy can be developed towards achieving the next step on this career path.  This strategy always involves individual branding, effective networking, and developing an optimal job search strategy.

Ultimately, a successful career is not about the next job – it’s about the right position that allows for the career advancement desired by a client.

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