interview preparation

When it comes to success in an interview, there is no substitute for preparation.   A bad impression, saying the wrong thing, or a multitude of factors can quickly result in an otherwise qualified applicant being removed from consideration.

we give candidates the tools they need to interview successfully

Once a person has secured an interview, a determination usually has been made that the person has the skill set required by the job.  The question is – which candidate will be hired?

GOA partners teach candidates how they can control much of the interview process, and how to convey the information and attitude that employers want to see.   Often, the interviewing process starts well before the interview – at the individual branding stage.

individual branding

GOA partners are available to help individuals develop their brand.  A brand consists of skill sets, individual attributes, and experience that will be critical to a position that an employer seeks to fill.  It’s important to understand that employers don’t want a software engineer – they want a software engineer who can lead a team of developers in the development of secure e-commerce solutions for product sales.  This is the “brand” they are seeking.  A person desiring such position will have a better possibility of securing such position by specifically developing their brand to conform with the brand being sought – not by simply projecting themselves as a general software engineer.

helping with compensation issues

If a candidate is successful at being given a job offer (or is asked about compensation), their GOA partner can help in identifying the key factors for obtaining the right compensation package for them.