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internet job searches 

There are thousands of job search sites on the Internet for both local positions and jobs throughout the world.  Many who face job loss believe that the best strategy for finding a job quickly is to access these sites and engage in mass resume submission.  The belief is that “if I submit 100 resumes, at least one has to result in a job offer or interview.”

Unfortunately, this usually not the case.

More typically, mass resume submission is unproductive, as usually resumes are not tailored for the specific job opening.  As a result, candidates are often given little or no consideration.  Tailoring a resume for a specific job requires time, especially when an online application must also be submitted with a resume.

targeted job search strategies

At GOA, our partners understand what is involved in the job search process.  We work with clients to carefully identify the desired career opportunities that they seek, develop resumes with them that speak to the needs and desires of businesses and organizations likely to have positions for such needs, and then develop custom search strategies.