comparison between GOA partners and other outplacement service providers

Many businesses and organizations find themselves unexpectedly facing a significant employee termination event or reduction in force.  When this happens, there is often little time for planning or research to find out about the differences in outplacement services that are offered by different providers.

At GOA, we understand.  Our partners are committed to providing customized outplacement services to businesses, organizations, and individuals using a one-to-one approach focused upon the specific needs of each client.

comparison between GOA and other outplacement service providers

We believe that it is important for human resources management to understand how the outplacement services offered by our partners differ from those provided by most of the other outplacement services companies so that an informed decision can be made as to what services will be the best for their business or organization and the affected employees.  This chart explains the key differences.

‘big’ player firms in outplacement industry GOA partners   
~80% of all outplacement programs offered are self-serve, using impersonal web-based learning.  Clients are matched with a specific coach who determines their career goals, develops their brand value, and coaches them through the entire transition process. 
Less than 15% of total service is provided 1:1 with career strategy coach.  Clients meet 1:1 with their coach 100% of the time. 
Only 40% of employees will continue their service after initial engagement visits.  The majority of outplacement employees who engage in GOA services stay in the program. 
Less than 20% of outplacement clients have the luxury of having their resumes professionally written and tailored to their career goals.  GOA coaches write personalized resumes for each and every client tailored to their target career goals. 
Billing is activated 100% of the time, for 100% of the fee regardless of the employee’s level of commitment or engagement in the program.  Billing is activated only when we are sure of the client’s engagement with our services. 
Client access to services ends based on calendar date rather than client need.  Thus, on the last day of a 30 or day program, the service is terminated.  Coaches provide follow-up consultations after the program end date to meet client interview / salary and benefits negotiation needs to ensure clients are able to maximize their career opportunities. 


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