the business case for using GOA partners

In addition to considering outplacement services to help affected employees as a gesture of goodwill, there are many valid ROI reasons for companies and organizations to seek outplacement in the case of a termination event or reduction in force.  These reasons include:

  • Minimizing the chance of lawsuits,
  • Minimizing the chance of adverse social media directed toward the company or organization,
  • Decreasing cost of benefits including unemployment insurance and COBRA,
  • Ensuring that those remaining will have a positive morale, and
  • Following through on commitments that a company or organization may make about taking care of workers in difficult times. 

valuable outplacement services minimize potential negative events

In a termination event, the best possible outcome is for the affected workers to obtain a new job as quickly as possible.  When a new job is obtained quickly, former employees tend to “let go” of any ill will that they may have against their past employer, and instead focus on their future.

When a new job is not obtained quickly, former employees are often under tremendous stress from having no or little income, as well as the uncertainty about their future.  This may result in a focus on their former job and questioning why they were let go.  This focus may turn into bitterness and a need to vent against the company or organization, sometimes through the use of social media.

at GOA, we urge businesses and organizations to carefully consider the outcome that would be ideal in a downsizing or termination.  

It’s important to make the right decision early in the process, as there is not a good opportunity to offer outplacement benefits months after severance has occurred.  With most businesses and organizations, not only are outplacement services the right answer when dedicated and long-term employees are let go, but outplacement services are usually well justified on a cost-benefit basis.

Email us if your business or organization is facing a termination or reduction in force event.  We can explain why outplacement services make good business sense.