who we are

The Global Outplacement Alliance is a cohesive network of national and international career service specialists providing seamless, best in industry career management, outplacement, and talent management services.

GOA partners provide outplacement services for businesses, non-profit organizations, education-related ventures, municipalities, and other employers.  Our partners also provide coaching, career advancement, spousal employment assistance and other services to help clients advance to the next stage in their career.

GOA partners are professionals who typically have many years of outplacement and consulting experience, including:

  • Outplacement strategy development
  • Workshop coaching
  • Career transition advising
  • Resume development
  • Individual brand development 

the GOA difference – the personal touch

In the event of job loss or the need for career advancement coaching, clients don’t want to be told to go to an online portal or to watch videos.  Clients want – and they deserve – someone who will take the time to understand their specific talents and career plans, and who will give them the individualized attention and strategic advice needed to succeed.

Companies and organizations also deserve more for outplacement services.  If they have made a commitment to help displaced workers seek new jobs, they deserve an outplacement services company that will provide real help.

The Personal Touch is one of the many key distinctions between the services delivered by GOA partners and others offering outplacement services.   With the Personal Touch, clients meet with GOA Partner career professionals one-on-one throughout the process, not just one time for a few minutes.  Clients are not all given the same advice or told to follow the same approach for seeking a new job, as a custom strategy needs to be developed for each client.

the proof is in the results

Additionally, 100% of our clients receive a new, professionally written, customized resume that meets their target market, whereas only 20% of clients of non-GOA partner firms have the luxury of receiving a new fully written resume.

Why the large difference?

GOA Partner firms believe wholeheartedly that they are serving individuals with unique backgrounds, needs and challenges, thus our programs are delivered by forging strong 1:1 consultant to client relationships that uncover and address each individual’s career transition needs and challenges.

No ‘cattle-calls’, no large group enrollment processes, no learning on one’s own, but a simple and passionate commitment to blending client-first service with competitive edge expertise.