The GOA Difference

Organizations need an experienced partner who understands the challenges and nuances of a reduction in workforce. Individual’s need a partner who genuinely cares about their career and guides them through a successful transition. We combine the best of both worlds.

  • Global + Local: International reach with local market understanding
  • Coaching Centric: we prioritise one-on-one coaching supported by technology resources
  • Genuine Care: keenly interested in the people we help.
  • Outcome Focussed: organizational ROI and outcomes for individuals
  • Flexible & Responsive: supporting one person to large RIFs

About GOA

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If you’ve been offered a career transition program, please call one of
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Client Testimonials

“The transition strategy and tactics you helped me develop were key to putting me in a position to make this happen. But perhaps even more important was the perspective and encouragement you gave me. This has been the most rewarding time of my professional life. I thank you for your important role in it.”


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