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Individual Career Transition Programs

The Global Outplacement Alliance provides all levels of employees with a customized coaching program to support each individual…

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Group Career Transition Workshops

In addition to individual career transition programs, GOA firms can coordinate the facilitation of group career transition workshops.

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Partnership Throughout The Career Transition Process

With the objective of providing a seamless experience for our clients GOA firms recognize the importance of managing any potential…

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Why Outplacement?

In addition to considering outplacement services to help affected employees as a gesture of goodwill, there are many valid ROI reasons for companies and organizations to seek outplacement in the case of a termination event or reduction in force.

These reasons include:
  • Protecting and Enhancing Your Employment Brand.
  • Minimizing the chance of lawsuits.
  • Decreasing cost of benefits including unemployment insurance and COBRA.

Immediately providing exiting employees with compassionate, high-touch outplacement programs makes current employees more likely to be satisfied with their employer and less likely to be looking for alternatives.

Throughout our entire alliance, we are mindful of the trust and responsibility we have to maintain and re-enforce our clients' all-important brand image. It is only natural for departed employees to view us as an extension of their former organization, and we take that reputational aspect very seriously. Because many firms do not experience broad reductions in force (RIF's) frequently, when they do need to restructure, they want a thoughtful solution tailored for their specific situation.

The best possible outcome is for affected workers to obtain a new job as quickly as possible. When a new job is obtained quickly, former employees tend to "let go" of any ill will that they may have against their past employer, and instead focus on their future. Employees want to feel cared for throughout their employment life-cycle and transitioning out is an important part of that process.