about us – the GOA standards

The Global Outplacement Alliance was formed to elevate the standards of service delivery throughout the outplacement industry.   The fundamental belief of the GOA is that both organizations and the affected individuals need customized outplacement solutions tailored to their specific circumstances in order to succeed.  

GOA partners believe that in these economic times, companies, organizations, and individuals deserve better than the automated, “assembly – line” approach that relies primarily on online portals and video to deliver services.

This web-based approach has become a mainstay with many outplacement providers.  Unfortunately, it does not work well, and in the end usually does not provide significant benefit for the companies and organizations paying for the services or the clients to whom the services are provided.

GOA partner commitment to serving businesses, organizations, and individuals

GOA partners are committed to providing the highest standards in outplacement services, which include the following:

for businesses and organizations – partnering with human resources

GOA partners provide a wide range of services to HR staff to prepare for and conduct a successful Reduction in Force:

  • Provide Support before and during the termination process, including  notification/termination training for managers and HR staff, advice on tactical issues, and information concerning trends, logistics, and planning
  • Facilitation of a smooth exit through the communication of a consistent message 
  • Provision of regular reports, metrics, and survey results customized to meet company and organization needs, which commonly consist of: 
    • Candidate Progress Reports
    • Candidate Satisfaction Surveys/Evaluations
    • Workshop Evaluations
    • Landing Reports
    • Engagement Statistics 

for clients – high touch and high integrity  

GOA providers are focused upon providing true “hands-on” support and guidance that involves:

  • A commitment to meeting the specific needs of companies, organizations, and individuals through customized outplacement programs  
  • Linking each program to real business objectives that create bottom-line impact and a return on investment 
  • A local presence in all domestic and international locations 
  • A low consultant-to-candidate ratio 
  • A personal consultant matched to clients based upon the client’s specific needs 
  • A team approach to support individual counseling 
  • The use of comprehensive technology and research resources to support (but not replace) consultants 
  • Relationship-based job leads and networking strategies 

To learn more about goa partner services, email us at info@globaloutplacementalliance.com or fill out our contact request form.