Laid Off? How outplacement can elevate your career success

In this 30 minute LinkedIn live discussion with Michael Moran of 10Eighty, Laura Poisson of ClearRock and John M O’Connor of the Schegg Group they explore what outplacement support is/isn’t and how it benefits you to take it advantage of it.


The Global Outplacement Alliance Conference 2020Michael Moran

The conference has been traditionally held in the Autumn, hosted by one of our members. Previous locations have included Denver, Newport Rhode Island, Louisville and Knoxville to name a few. This year due to Covid-19 the conference was held virtually across Zoom over 3 successive Tuesday afternoons 24th November, 1st December and 8th December. 10Eighty […]


Outplacement, why organisations should invest in itLiz Sebag-Montefiore

Morale and motivation will always be affected by redundancies but, handled well, the effects can be minimised, mitigated in ways that protect organisational employer brand and reputation. It is in the corporate interest to invest in high quality outplacement.